Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ready for Some Live Action?

For those who are wondering, "What have the CLUTCH girls been doing?"
we have been really busy with both juggling our lives and the program. So here's a list so far:
  • Participated in making Forest City Lovers' music video,
  • Saw a documentary at the National Film Board called "The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam" by Ann Marie Fleming (it certainly was a Long story),
  • Listened to our guest speakers/mentors: Catherine Hernandez, Michelle Turingan, and Maylee Todd,
  • And just recently attended our first Filipino History class.

With all these events, we have one major project that occupied our minds: Making our first collaborative video. We are all excited (I'm sure) to be making a significant video on our own that can relate to each of us CLUTCH girls and hopefully to the audience as well.

We took every chance to get together and come up with a story for our film; most of it happened after the scheduled workshops.

The topic that was given to us to write about was being a Filipina woman living in Canada. I don't know if there's a shorter way of saying that, but that's what I can remember... so =P

Each of us have our own unique talents that we are relying on to help create our masterpiece. Experiences in writing, theatre and film, and of course the experiences of being a Filipina.

[above: We had nothing scheduled on Friday so we decided to use this time to come up and finalize our story so we can start shooting our scenes the next day.]

[<-- a glimpse of what one of our shots might look like.]
Yes, these two (Desiree and Kristina) agreed to be in front of the camera and act the scenes, while the other two (Flerida and myself, Daryl Anne) have no intentions of being in front of the camera, and will be behind it establishing the shots.
Tomorrow's a big day for us! Hopefully we won't get drenched while filming (=_=) *pray*

DANP ^_^

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