Friday, September 25, 2009

Filipino History

Yesterday was our first Filipino History Class.

It was really surprising to find out that before the Spanish, the Philippines were not like the North American natives. Our islands were situated in a massive trade route where goods and spices flowed through. We were ship-owners, we under-wrote large-scale ventures into China, and we had gold. Gold. Gold and spices.

We were ballin' folks.

So why is it that nobody knows this? Why is this not taught in schools, ESPECIALLY schools in the Philippines?

It really makes me angry that I didn't know about this. Angry at myself for not looking for the information myself like Alex Felipe (our teacher) did and angry at the colonial mentality that the Philippines seems to have because why is our history so friggin' forgotten?!

Argh. I need to process this some more.


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alexfelipe said...

glad you ladies found it interesting...

btw, if you're interested in learning more about the current situation in the Phils re: gold I've posted quite a bit about it here: