Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Music Video with Forest City Lovers and the NFB

So this is the first post, obviously.

Our first meeting went well. Forest City Lovers are a pretty cool bunch of musicians, but then again what musician isn't cool? Kanye West probably. Who saw the MTV Video Music Awards?! Ridiculous.

Anyway, back to the video shoot with FCL. A skateboard was used as a dolly (ingenious!), someone found their inner monkey and climbed a tree to pick out a balloon, people cart-wheeled/biked/jazz snapped across the frame, lots of cool DIY/guerrilla video making in action. All in all the video seems like it's going to turn out well and I can't wait for its release.

Afterwards we went to the NFB. I'd always known where it was but I had never actually visited the place. We saw "The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam". It really resonated with me because in the documentary, Long Tack Sam (Magician/Vaudeville performer) was essentially forgotten about by his family. I immediately thought about my own history and how I forgot it (including my language!). It's all rather unfortunate but watch out, I'm getting it back!

<3ing Clutch,


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