Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Excerpt of a Clutch Brainstorm!

The Clutch ladies have been brainstorming a title for their final exhibit, to be held at the Kapisanan Philippine Centre on February 20. This is a little snippet from one of their email conversations (written by Des Gamotin). We'll have to see what they finally settle on. - a.a.


After our "Web of Word Vom," we noticed that many of our recurrent words and themes involved FEMININITY and STRENGTH (not the "I want to be better than boys" kind, but the confident, beautiful kind, independent of any attempts to become more masculine). The imagery of WATER and NATURE kept cropping up as well, and the idea that the Philippines continues to go through abuses, but keeps gaining strength from those abuses and rape of the land, giving HER the will to fight back. Therefore, even after much successful brainpower, we still want to keep the title of "Mother Land" for the exhibit, although there's still room for wordplay and/or layout, so as to make the wording appear thought-provoking at first glance. What do you think? We kept the paper we brainshat on, for future reference, so you could take a look at it the next time you're at KPC. I loved how Kristina mentioned that "Mother Land" reminded her of how they would shout "Inang Bayan!" ("Defend your Motherland!") during war... it kind of reminded me of the female guerilla units Mithi talked about in class. Also, "Mother Land" could have multiple meanings, like we mentioned before, such as the Philippines as a nation, the concept of the feminization of migration and movement of people between "Lands," AND the pack-rat nature of our nanays and lolas. It's actually a perfect title for what we're all trying to convey!

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